Emacs Turbo-Charges My Writing

Jeremy Friesen (he/him) - Pronunciation: JERR-im-EE FREE-SEHN, https://takeonrules.com, jeremy@jeremyfriesen.com

Format: 10-min talk followed by live web conference Q&A
Discuss on IRC: #emacsconf
Status: Waiting for video from speaker


I’ve been actively blogging since 2011. In May 2020 I switched to writing my blog posts in Emacs. The numbers don’t lie, I’m writing more than ever, in part because of Emacs.

In this presentation I’ll walk through my writing setup for Emacs. I’ll go over the workflow of writing in Org Mode syntax with Denote serving as my personal knowledge management system.

I’ll demonstrate some of functions (or types of functions) I use for:

  • Dynamic auto-completion for Org-Mode macros
  • Linking to other Org-Mode documents via different contexts (abbreviations, citations, and links)
  • Different Org-Mode blocks that map to HTML elements

And with a complete post, I’ll then walk through the resulting export. Demonstrating the output to Hugo (and its shortcodes) as well as other formats.

About the speaker:

Jeremy Friesen is a long-time software developer but only recently an Emacs convert (as of May 2020). When he switched to writing posts using Emacs, he observed an explosion in writing, in part because of the joy of using a tool that he can shape and extend to meet his needs and wants.

Questions or comments? Please e-mail jeremy@jeremyfriesen.com