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Extra action for pulling and risky general setup
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Add lesson on CFP wording for 10/20/40 splits
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Add lesson
Default to emacsconf-org@ for volunteering (but keep the private option)
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Document decision about volunteers and emacsconf-org
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Standardize tags as owner-metadata for tasks
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Use -org-private@ rather than -org@
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Starting point for volunteering page
Limit the headlines in the TOC to try to minimize thrashing
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Add publisher post conference
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more roles
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Add another responsibility for Listener
Update .md and fix broken link
Add roles for processing the CFP
Copy the code for extracting QA recordings
Add more things to figure out
Add tips for making a short presentation
Mention for easier C-s’ing
Add note on fast-forward squishing
Remove template
Added decisions, moved roles to a top-level heading
Modify comments on actions
Remove some :eval query
Move code away from the top of the file
Add actions to trade safety for convenience
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Add note about mpv invert
Add agenda and sparse tree notes, change the done shortcut to x
Add note about current phase
Add lessons learned from last year
Move hook code to bottom
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Add notes for publishing talk info to wiki
Add extra actions for exporting markdown on save
Add informative messages
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Add code for export and tangle on save
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Move all playbook stuff to 2021/
add todo item
Add more stuff from last year's playbook
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Add todo for bandali
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Minor fixup
Add sub-tasks for corwin from the pad
Port info from pad
Fix chronology on calendar
Realign tags
Add TODO on OBS scenes
Add dates for early/late speaker notification
Remove hardcoded email
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Add e-mails
Clarify distinction between roles and responsibilities
Add timekeeping responsibilities
Add task for copying things over
Change producer to director
Add to checkin role
Try with Org TOC