Recent changes to this wiki:

* 2022/ Small tweaks.
Add EmacsConf 2022 page
Various updates to 2022 CFP
Minor suggestions
* 2022/ Update the bit about submissions and review.
We have decided to try dropping the anonymization of submissions
before review by organizers this year. The anonymization effectively
excluded one of the organizers from doing reviews (me, for the past
few years), and given that we're already a small team we may want to
avoid that. Especially considering that we've essentially been able
to accept all the proposals we've received for each EmacsConf so far.
Instead, encourage people to help review the submissions by joining
the selection/review committee, directly in the CfP text.
* 2022/ Add empty notebook for this year.
* 2021/ Export to markdown.
* 2022/ Import/create from 2021/
Add planning, sidebar, and submit pages for 2022
* 2022/ Update tentative timeline.
Add notes from last meeting
Add tentative new dates for CFP
Update/fix LibreAustralia's EmacsConf 2021 alternate stream link
Add a paragraph to talk about s/proposals/participation/
* 2022/ First pass for changes for 2022.
Mainly, experiment with renaming the CfP from 'Call for Proposals' to
'Call for Participation', and drop the 'Office hours' section for the
time being.
* 2022/ Import/create from 2021/
Also generate 2022/ from it.
Add my check-in steps for EmacsConf 2021 to playbook
Move EmacsConf 2021 under past conferences
Fix heading
Add WebVTT header
Add clede transcript
Fix URL for clede VTT
Add clede transcript - thanks Hannah!
Volunteer for Gnus talk
Update personal page
Add chapter markers for janitor Q&A; Remove janitor help tag
add chapter markers to Optimizing Emacs Lisp and remove help section
reserve Optimizing Emacs Lisp Code Q&A captions
remove help template from turbo bindat talk
Add chapters for turbo bindat Q&A
Try using link?
In progress
Merge branch 'master' of
Add questions and comments from BBB
reserve chapter markers for turbo bindat
Add emails
Try escaping the 1.
Remove trailing newline
Fix transcript link
Fix transcript link
Add transcript for vterm talk from EmacsConf 2020
Add link to captioning tips
Note volunteer for build
Add caption help
Add help tag to 2020 talks
Add volunteer name
Remove trailing spaces
Move link
Add categories
Add philosophy category
Link to some compressed Q&A
update playbook with q=32
Add links to compressed32
Let's try it with other resources
Test compressed link
More compression
Fix link
Update contribute with links to the help
Start using QUALITY=32 for some of the videos
show time
Try cross-reference
Add chapters for maintainers
Fix meta
Change to a list
remove slashes
tweak help to include more details
let's try fleshing the help pages out
Reorder attributes
Add reservation note
Move volunteer mention to summary
Try calling dibs
Add help template
Add volunteer for dibs-ing
Update build and clede
Remove confusing autogen files
Add help request to build
Add summary
Remove newlines
Add header to the help wanted div?
let's try inline
Remove 2021 filter
Add list of pages that need help
Add help outline
Fix links
Let's try a help template
Fix fr and ja
Add other captions
Fix typo
More links
Add links to autogen Q&A captions for bindat, faster, janitor