The EmacsConf community, including organizers, volunteers, and other folks interested in EmacsConf and Emacs, communicate mainly via IRC and mailing lists.

EmacsConf's official IRC channels are on the Libera.Chat network. The main IRC channel is #emacsconf, and #emacsconf-org is meant for discussing among EmacsConf organizers and/or discussions pertaining to the organization of the conference.

EmacsConf's official mailing lists are hosted on the GNU Project's lists server. emacsconf-discuss is the main EmacsConf mailing list, for general discussion and announcements about the conference. The public emacsconf-org list is dedicated to discussions related to organizing the conference by the EmacsConf organizers and volunteers. There is also an emacsconf-org-private list for discussion of private matters with the EmacsConf organizers when need be, though the list is rather low traffic, as almost all discussions about organizing the conference are carried out publicly on the emacsconf-org list.