• Write down interesting points, links, questions, and answers on the Etherpad during talks and Q&A sessions so that people can quickly get the gist even if they're jumping in late or skimming through things without watching the full video
  • Add the Q&A BBB URL to the Etherpad when the host gives the OK for everyone to join


We will add the pad URLs to the watch page for the track.

We will also give you a list of URLs for the live Q&A sessions in the BBB room. Please keep these URLs secret until the host gives you the OK to add them to the pad.

You can see the pad for the previous year at . The discussion section in shows how the pad will be archived onto the talk page. A sample pad for this year's conference can be found at

If you would like to suggest improvements to the pad format, please e-mail before the conference starts. Thank you!


This year we are experimenting with per-talk pads in order to simplify the experience for the speakers, since many speakers found it difficult to find and focus on their section in a long pad.

Open one window with the watch page for the EmacsConf track so that you can watch the prerecorded video and the Q&A session. Open another for the pad for the current talk. You can get the pad URL from the watch page, the talk page, the IRC announcements, or by navigating the Next talks links on a pad.

You don't need to make a verbatim transcription. Short bullet-points are enough. If you're not sure about a term, you can mark it with something like ?? and someone else may be able to fill it in. If you happen to be able to quickly add timestamps in US/Eastern time, that may be handy.

If you would like to continue scribing the live Q&A for a session even after the next pre-recorded talk starts, you can join the BBB session for the live Q&A. Scribing live Q&A sessions might be more useful than scribing the pre-recorded video portion because people will have access to the videos and possibly transcripts, while Q&A may take a while to extract.

To make it easier for the hosts and speakers, we keep the BBB room URLs secret until the hosts or speakers give the OK to open it up. When the host or speaker invites everyone in, you can add the BBB URL to the Etherpad to make it easier for people to join from there.

You can keep an eye on the time to see when the next live Q&A session is starting so that you can join the next one if there are overlapping sessions.

In case of...

  • Oopsies: Sometimes people accidentally delete chunks of the pad. It happens. You can use the time slider (looks like a clock, second icon in the top right) to go back to a previous version.

  • Incidents: If someone isn't keeping guidelines for conduct in mind, let us know in #emacsconf-org and we'll figure out how to deal with the situation.

After the conference

We'll archive the pad on the talk page after the event, so your work will also help people follow up, find ideas and answers, and get even more out of EmacsConf 2022. Thank you!

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