EmacsConf 2022 was a lot of fun, and now we get to turn all those wonderful talks and Q&A sessions into something people can keep learning from in the years to come. We would love to figure out how to work with your skills, interests, and availability. Volunteering is a great way to meet fellow Emacs geeks, tinker around with interesting packages and scripts, and learn a ton.

https://emacsconf.org/2022/organizers-notebook/#overall has an overall prioritization matrix. If any of those options look like something you want to learn or help with, or if you want to make things even better than what's in the table, let us know.

Some ideas for help wanted / projects after the conferenc

  • harvest
  • Make things even better next year
    • Automate the video processing workflow so that we can handle last-minute submissions more smoothly
    • Improve the captioning workflow

See https://emacsconf.org/2022/organizers-notebook/ for a lot more about what's happening backstage and opportunities to help. Let us know what sorts of things you're interested in and what you'd like to learn more about. Doesn't have to be limited to this list!

Got other ideas?

We'd love to hear from you! (or privately: emacsconf-org-private@gnu.org)