Before your talk

Please check in at least 30 minutes before the start of your Q&A session if you have a prerecorded talk, or at least 60 minutes before the start of your talk if you are going to do it live. You can check in on IRC by joining the #emacsconf-org channel on using your favorite IRC client or using If you want, you can also join the channel for your track as well (either #emacsconf-gen or #emacsconf-dev). Say something like "Hi, this is <your name> checking in" in the #emacsconf-org channel and one of the organizers will check you in. If you are having a hard time with IRC, e-mail and we can give you the URL of a BigBlueButton room to join.

  • If you want to do Q&A over IRC or Etherpad:
    • You can hang out in the IRC channel for your track and/or on the pad for your talk.
  • If you want to do Q&A over Mumble:
    • You can connect to
  • If you want to do Q&A in a BigBlueButton room (ex: quick demoes):
    • We'll set you up in a BigBlueButton room (check your e-mail for the URL, or ask in #emacsconf-org). You can keep watching the conference or doing other things while waiting there. We'll let you know shortly before your prerec ends. If you want, you can get things ready for whatever you might want to demonstrate.
    • Please use headphones or earphones to minimize the risk of audio feedback. Webcams are optional.

The schedule on your talk page is still tentative. Please check your talk page for updates, especially on the day of the talk. We've done some dry-runs, but just in case it turns out that running two tracks at the same time leaves us too frazzled, we may drop back to one track with Q&A on an alternate stream. We'll try our best to keep your talk in the same general timeslot (ex: Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, Sunday afternoon). If we need to do that, or if there are other big changes to your schedule on the day of your talk, you'll get an e-mail from us with a subject like "URGENT: EmacsConf 2022: ...".

Please let us know if you're running late or if it turns out you can't make it. Drop by #emacsconf-org, e-mail us at , or use the emergency contact information from the check-in instructions email. If we start worrying, we'll reach out to you via your emergency contact information.

While your talk plays

People will add notes and questions on the pad, or they'll ask them on IRC. Volunteers will try to copy all the questions to the pad. If you're on Etherpad or IRC, you can start answering whenever you like.

Answering questions

  • General notes about answering questions:
    • You can answer questions in any order, and you can skip any questions you like.
    • You don't have to answer questions right away. If you want to take some time to think about things, that's okay.
    • If you're answering questions by voice and the host is not reading the questions out for you, please read the question out before you answer it. This makes it easier to follow the conversation and to copy the answers to the talk page afterwards.
  • After your prerec finishes:
    • If you're doing IRC/Etherpad: we'll let people know where to ask questions and we can read out some of the questions and answers that are there.
    • If you're on Mumble: we'll pull you into the channel room and the streamer will connect to it. When we confirm that you can be heard, you and the host can go ahead with the Q&A.
    • If you're doing Q&A in a BBB room:
      • We'll switch the stream to broadcast from the BBB room you're in, and we'll start recording the session so that Q&A can be available after the conference. We'll give you a signal when the Q&A is ready to start.
      • Depending on your preferences, the host can read questions to you, or you can read questions off the pad/IRC yourself.
      • We'll open up the Q&A for other people to join if there's time for a longer discussion. If so, this conversation can continue for as long as you like. If it's time for the next talk to start, we'll give you a heads-up and your Q&A can continue off the stream in the same BBB room. When you are ready to stop answering questions, you can wrap up however you'd like and leave the meeting.

After the conference

We'll collect questions and answers from IRC and the pad. We'll put them on the talk page and e-mail them to you in case you want to follow up or keep the conversation going. We'll also work on extracting the videos from the Q&A sessions and we'll post them on the talk page.

Thank you so much for putting so much time and energy into sharing what you know at EmacsConf!