This is a place to collect ideas for talks and other sessions for EmacsConf. :-)


  • User stories: Why and how did you get into Emacs? What was helpful? What was challenging? How did you get deeper into it?
    • These types of talks help people connect with other people and see different user journeys.
  • Workflows: How do you use different packages together? What kind of glue makes things easier for you? Videos demonstrating workflows are helpful because it's sometimes hard to read source code or package documentation and imagine how things work.
  • Emacs configuration techniques, Emacs Lisp
  • Coding: Lots of people use Emacs to work with code. Do you have a good setup? Please share!
  • Academia: Students, teachers, and researchers use Emacs too.
  • Other kinds of work
  • Personal information management, personal finance, productivity
  • Personal life, unexpected uses of Emacs
  • Fun, games, multimedia
  • Cool ideas from other editors and tools

You can also check out past EmacsConf programs to see what kinds of things people have shared before: