Opening Remarks - Samer Masterson - 9am

seq.el and map.el - Nicolas Petton - 10am

seq.el and map.el are two new libraries included in Emacs 25.1. In this talk I will present these libraries and explain why and how Emacs Lisp users can benefit from using them.

Org-Mode Exporter From Scratch - Marcin Borkowski - 11am

Marcin will talk about writing an org-mode exporter from scratch.

Lunch - 12pm

Vegan lunch catered by the Flying Falafel.

.emacs Workshop - 1pm

Show off the tricks and hacks in your .emacs file! This is an open workshop.

Hearing From Emacs Beginners - Gopar + mflor35 - 2pm

Emacs is stable and robust, but the younger generation doesn't see it that way. Here are some first time impressions and opinions on how we can change that

How To Start An Emacs Meetup! - Harry Schwartz - 3pm

Are you a cantankerous Emacs enthusiast? Wanna meet some like-minded kooks? Consider starting a local meetup group!

Harry Schwartz (co-founder of EmacsNYC) will discuss the joys and perils of growing a local technical community. This talk will cover (1) laying the technical groundwork for a meetup group, (2) ensuring that your group is inclusive, welcoming, and comfortable for everyone, and (3) keeping yourself from going crazy.

Break - 4pm

Techniques and Tools for Literate DevOps - Howard Abrahms - 5pm

Lacking the Hermetic knowledge required to administer servers, I take judicious notes and hyperlinks. Why not combine those written thoughts with the terminal commands to configure and tame our digital beasties? We have a tool for that.

Emacs For Scholarly Writing - Erik Hetzner - 6pm

Many scientists and humanists are beginning to believe that the best way to ensure the longevity of their research is by using plain text formats. Reproducible research, where code and data and published alongside an article, is also gaining popularity. Emacs is highly suited to implementing these solutions. I will explore ways that we can help support scholars who use Emacs.

Lightning Talks - 7pm

Dinner - 8pm