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Saturday closing remarks

Format: 9-min talk; Q&A: ask questions via Etherpad/IRC; we'll e-mail the speaker and post answers on this wiki page after the conference
Status: Q&A to be extracted from the room recordings


Duration: 09:00 minutes



Transcript (unedited)

Just waiting for Corwin and Leo. Great. Corwin, would you like to share your screen? Let's see the audio through BBB so we don't have to splice it in afterwards because it's annoying to splice things. I mean, Leo will be taking care of it, not me, so. Okay, he's going to finish up. people. Thanks for sticking around. And we're going to do a little bit of jazz handing until Corwin comes back. Smack. I enjoy Leo's famous jazz hands. Hello? I can tell you it's a lot easier to do jazz hands at 9am EST than it is at 5pm EST, because for me it's 11 and I've barely seen this 1 today. Okay Corwin, do you have a presentation right now? We do not seem to be able to hear you, Corwin. Okay, just bear with us, folks. We're gonna figure out this 1. This is the last bug of the day, and then we're clear until tomorrow. here or via mumble. Okay. like this, like Sash and myself are furiously typing in the background, we say, oh, can we fix this slide? But here, I'm stumped. we'll be able to figure out the way. get started, we might as well maybe do a little bit of closing remarks, and then you can jump in whenever you want. for coming to Emacs Conf 2023. We made it to the end of the first day! Hooray! We're going to keep these closing remarks short because it's a long day. It's almost midnight and Leah will turn into a pumpkin very soon. So before that happens, we just want to say hello and thanks. And pre-recorded talks are already up. They're on the talk pages, they're on We'll work on extracting the live talks, but it'll take a few weeks. Please feel free to spread the word, because you know some people didn't actually know there was EmacsConf this weekend, so let them know, because it's a lot of fun. More talks tomorrow. And if you've got ideas for making things better, or If you'd like to tell us what's working well and what you'd like, please put them in the conference pad at Anything anyone want to add? No, it's not. as well? Because people have heard you talk all day long on the Dev track, but not on the general track, actually. It's the first time they hear you today. but more seriously, thanks. So yeah, it's a lot of fun. You know, it's, we sort of keep coming back every year and doing this conference. It's always been fun. And we keep doing it thanks to, you know, all the people who submit all these amazing talks with these amazing sessions. And of course the audience as well. I don't have a lot to say I guess for today because I think we're hoping to keep it kind of short and sweet. So yeah, I think that's about it for me. I guess we'll maybe wait another minute or so to see if Cormen can make it. But yeah, that's all for me. on the spot, you might see a face in the room that you might have seen last year, but we've got Flobby Koda in the room as well, who you might not have heard of him but he's been doing a lot of the check-ins today for most of the speakers and he's been doing a wonderful job at it. Florian, do you want to say a word if only to say you're being put on the spot? want to thank everybody who could, with who I could talk in between. So I had like wonderful 20 to 30 minute talks with every speaker before they get into the live Q&A or the live presentation. Thanks a lot for everybody, I learned quite a lot and also thank you for all of you guys and everyone for having such a beautiful experience here. Okay, Sasha, Unless you've got anything else to add, and Corwin, have you fixed your microphone? Yes, we can hear you Corwin. Okay, well let's start again. Let's forget everything you've heard for the last 20 minutes. We'll start again. I'm just kidding. I don't know what I could possibly add to all that. I think we absolutely should get some rest, save it for tomorrow. I was just looking through these notes in the couple of minutes that I had between my own talk. Thank you for your help with that. But also, especially you, Sasha, and Leo, and everybody in the IRC over the months here, just encouraging me to keep going when it was just seemed futile. Even though it just really turned into a brain dump, I appreciate getting the chance of feeling like that process is more documented now than it was before I did it. Hey, that's not nothing, right? And that's why we all do this. And I don't know, Floey really said it perfect. Like, I appreciate the chance to get to work on this with you. I learned so much. Without further ado, I believe it's time for us to say goodbye for day 1. We will obviously be seeing you tomorrow at 9 a.m. I think the schedule is actually stating we're starting at 8.59am. Is it correct? The video is like 6 minutes long. Actually, maybe I should, I'll give it an extra minute for safety, I think. Yeah, yeah. I'll tweak the timing. know basically 8.59 is when I brush my teeth before going live so we might be in a very awkward spot for me to introduce the talk if it happens. Well anyway folks thank you very much for watching and we'll see you tomorrow. Bye-bye! All right, I have closed the bbb oh it's restarting apparently oh it's we're back on the q and a between stephan and let's close this hey we are off don't have permission to do that in this room.

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