Real estate and Org table formulas

Daniel Gopar (he/him, IRC: gopar,

In this talk, Daniel Gopar shares how he uses Org tables as spreadsheets to help him decide on real estate investments. Afterwards, he will handle questions via the Etherpad.

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Sunday, Dec 4 2022, ~4:15 AM - 4:40 AM JST (Asia/Tokyo)
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This will be a 20 minute presentation on how I use org mode tables (specifically formulas) on how I can quickly see if a deal is feasible or not.

Topics will include:

  • Creating Table Formulas
  • Special Buffer Editing Formulas
  • Formatting output
  • Special Debugging just for formulas
  • Creating Custom Formulas
  • Automatically re-calculating rows/table
  • Finally Putting it all together to tell at a glance if a property is ideal or not

Essentially bits and pieces from this section of the manual:

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