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Closing remarks day 2

Duration: 10 minutes

If you have questions and the speaker has not indicated public contact information on this page, please feel free to e-mail us at and we'll forward your question to the speaker.

The video for "Closing remarks day 2" will be posted here when available. You can also subscribe to the emacsconf-discuss mailing list for updates.


  • Prerecs have already been posted, yay! You can find them on the talk pages and at (We'll figure out how to get the Q&As.)
  • Thanks to everyone who submitted talks to EmacsConf, including those whose talks didn't make it into this year. We'll be sharing more resources as they come in, so subscribe to
  • Next steps
  • Thanks again
    • Speakers, volunteers
    • Karl Voit for managing the pad
    • Bhavin Gandhi and Hannah Miller for help with the captions
    • Free Software Foundation, especially the FSF tech team, for their continued help and support
    • Fosshost, for BigBlueButton server and for ftp-upload server
    • Computer Science Club of the University of Waterloo, for continuing hosting the videos/files on the CSC mirror server
    • Jan Prunk (yang), for EU mirror of EmacsConf videos/files:
    • Wojciech Siewierski (vifon), for assisting zaeph with his scripts last minute
    • Grant Shangreaux, for beautiful music :) (under CC BY-SA 4.0)
    • the developers and maintainers of all the things that made this possible, with a special shout-out to:
      • Random User (rndusr), whose subed.el made it easy to caption these talks inside Emacs
      • And Qiantan Hong (qhong), author/maintainer of crdt.el which we used for sharing Emacs buffers between organizers
    • Organizers
    • Everyone


  • I really appreciate the approach of doing things prerecorded and having captions.
  • (please add a contact form for the website to make it easier for volunteers to sign up, sending an initial email can be psychologically intimidating.)
    • i am willing to volunteer to think about /work on the form
    • thanks! not sure if adding something like formspree would be counterproductive, but coming up with a list of ways to help out in an email takes a lot more energy than just adding your name and email to a list of potential volunteers.
  • we'll recommend opening the .webm directly as the main option
  • i managed to get a few people to watch my talk afterwards. letting them know it was only 10 minutes helped. non-emacs folks even :)

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