EmacsConf 2021 was on November 27 (Sat) and November 28 (Sun), 2021 from 9am-~5:30pm Toronto/EST time; equivalently, 6am-2:30pm PST, 2pm-10:30pm UTC, 3pm-11:30pm Zurich/CET, 7:30pm-4:00am(next-day) India/IST, 10pm-6:30am GMT+8. You can also get this in iCalendar format, and there's some experimental code over at https://git.emacsconf.org/emacsconf-el/ for downloading the schedule and updating an Org file with the data.

You can also view all the videos and download resources from the index of all EmacsConf 2021 resources.

There was also an alternate stream for APAC hours, see https://libreau.org/past.html#emacsconf21.

45 talks total: 43 captioned (594 min), 2 waiting for captions (36 min)
Saturday morning
Opening remarks
    Emacs News HighlightsSacha Chua
    The True Frownies are the Friends We Made Along the Way: An Anecdote of Emacs's MalleabilityCase Duckworth
    Emacs manuals translation and OmegaTJean-Christophe Helary
    GNU's Not UNIX: Why Emacs Demonstrates The UNIX Philosophy Isn't Always The Only AnswerDaniel Rose
    Emacs and Montessori PhilosophyGrant Shangreaux
    Emacs as Design Pattern LearningGreta Goetz
    How Emacs made me appreciate software freedomProtesilaos Stavrou
    NonGNU ELPA UpdatePhilip Kaludercic
    Manual Package Management in The Era of Repositories - Why and HowDhavan (codingquark)
    Introducing N-AngulatorKevin Haddock
    Typesetting Gregorian Chant with EmacsSpencer King
    Saturday afternoon
    telega.el and the Emacs community on TelegramGabriele Bozzola
    A day in the life of a janitorStefan Monnier
    Emacs Research Group, Season Zero: What we did together with Emacs in 2 hours a week for a yearNoorah Alhasan, Joe Corneli, Raymond Puzio, Leo Vivier
    One effective CS grad student workflowGreg Coladonato
    Using Org-Mode For Recording Continuous Professional DevelopmentPhilip Beadling
    Creating technical API documentation and presentations using org-babel, restclient, and org-treeslideJan Ypma
    Org as an executable formatTom Gillespie
    The use of Org mode syntax outside of GNU/EmacsKarl Voit
    Using Org-mode to teach programmingDaniel German
    Babel for academicsAsilata Bapat
    Managing a research workflow (bibliographies, note-taking, and arXiv)Ahmed Khaled
    Reproducible molecular graphics with Org-modeBlaine Mooers
    Finding Your (In)voice: Emacs for InvoicingBala Ramadurai
    Budgeting, Project Monitoring and Invoicing with Org ModeAdolfo Villafiorita
    Productivity Dashboards with Emacs and KindleMehmet Tekman
    Emacs with Nyxt: extend your editor with the power of a Lisp browserAndrea
    Emacs development updatesJohn Wiegley
    On the design of text editorsNicolas P. Rougier
    Closing remarks day 1
      Sunday, Nov 28, 2021: Development talks
      Sunday morning
      Opening remarks day 2
        Optimizing Emacs Lisp CodeDmitry Gutov
        Tree-edit: Structural editing for Java, Python, C, and beyond!Ethan Leba
        Yak-shaving to a UI frameworkErik Anderson
        Moldable Emacs, a step towards sustainable softwareAndrea
        Extending the "model" of Emacs to other applicationsLaszlo Krajnikovszkij
        Emacs Lisp native compiler, current status and future developmentsAndrea Corallo
        Sunday afternoon
        Old McCarthy Had a FormIan Eure
        Turbo BindatStefan Monnier
        Test blocksEduardo Ochs
        Perso-Arabic Input Methods And Making More Emacs Apps BIDI AwareMohsen BANAN
        Emacs Application Framework: A 2021 UpdateMatthew Zeng
        Imaginary ProgrammingShane Mulligan
        CLEDE: the Common Lisp Emacs Development EnvironmentFermin MF
        How to help Emacs maintainers?Bastien Guerry
        How to build an EmacsFermin MF
        M-x Forever: Why Emacs will outlast text editor trendsDavid Wilson (System Crafters)
        Closing remarks day 2