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Closing remarks day 1

  • Thanks for your patience with the technical issues!
  • Hey look, we got captions! And prerecs! =)
  • Prerecorded videos, transcripts, and other resources provided by the speakers are already available on the talk pages.
  • Tomorrow we'll have a bit more time for Q&A, so we might have more of those on the main stream.
  • Remember, there's a general-audience talk at the end of tomorrow's program, so come and join us for M-x Forever by David Wilson of SystemCrafters.

Duration: 5 minutes

If you have questions and the speaker has not indicated public contact information on this page, please feel free to e-mail us at and we'll forward your question to the speaker.



  • Q1: To anyone who can answer this, what is a good method to request speakers for next EmacsConf?
    • A: Encourage the speaker directly when you see the next call for proposals.
  • Q3: Is there a way to donate to the volunteers of EmacsConf?
    • A: sachac: That's very thoughtful of you! We cover EmacsConf costs out of pocket. I think the speakers have some support links on their pages. So if you particularly liked a talk, please feel free to e-mail a speaker or see if they have a tip jar!
    • sachac: also, if you want to contribute time by volunteering to help with EmacsConf this year or next year, that would be even better =) For example, it was super-helpful to have a couple of volunteers help me caption all the day 1 talks and most of the day 2 talks this year, and they got early access to all the talks and could caption the talks they wanted. We did the captioning using subed.el in Emacs, using the speakers' Org files or autogenerated captions from Youtube as starting points.
    • sachac: for example, if some people could help with streaming alternate tracks, we could have longer talks and longer Q&As, because I think we're just going to have more and more awesome Emacs talks, and I think we're reaching the limit of how much we can physically squeeze into two days ;) so our current strategy is lots of short talks/demos, and then people can learn more about the stuff that they find interesting. but it would be so nice to have more deep dives too.
      • I think having alternate tracks is a great idea sachac, I think I noticed that speakers were very rushed because time was tight, and it'd be cool to that have that alleviated. And it would likely reduce stress for you guys so that technical issues aren't as dire.
      • maybe if we can figure out some topics that would be good to dive deeper into (attendee feedback) that could be looked in to
  • Q4: How can we sign up to volunteer for next year if there is need?

  • Is there any documentation anywhere how to give financial support to EmacsConf?

  • maybe each presentation should allocated five or ten minutes for a Q&A session afterwards before the next presentation starts.
  • the subtitles are really good! you can tell it was human-written :) even nasty names are right
  • Love the citations in subtitles.

(from devel talk)

  • do you have any thoughts about how to make EmacsConf even better next year?
    • yes last year the Q&A periods were much longer
    • last year some of the presentations were live though

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