Chapter markers make videos easier to navigate. You can see an example of chapter headings in the Q&A for asmblox.

Option A: Send us a text file

To add chapter markers, make a rough note of the times the sections begin. You can make a text file with the hh:mm:ss or mm:ss timestamps and the chapter headings.

00:00 Introduction
01:12 Why did you choose an internal state versus many 'state buffers'?
02:10 Do you have plans to port to Emacs?
02:29 Did this use WASM?
02:59 Why wasm rather than a more traditional Assembly dialect? It wouldn't be harder to implement, right?
05:08 Any next projects on your mind?
05:52 Does this work with any other paren-based editing packages?
06:46 What kind of tool could use this idea?
07:56 How did you go about designing the puzzles?
08:39 What are your favorite changes in the upcoming Emacs 29?
09:07 Are there tools to add more puzzles?

If you're not sure how something is spelled, you can look at the list of questions asked during the Q&A sessions by going to the wiki page for the talk, or you can indicate it with ??.

You can e-mail this to and we'll update the page with the chapters.

Option B: Edit the wiki page

Another way to add chapter markers is by editing the wiki page and adding markup like this (example from native-schedule):

[[!template id="chapters" vidid="video-qanda" data="""
00:00 Thanks
01:16 Why is Elisp not a general-purpose programming language, at least not completely?
02:05 Is this activity related to the garbage collector?
02:37 Is the idea to eventually develop Emacs itself in Elisp?
03:42 How did you work on this?

Use the vidid from the help message.

Option C: Edit the VTT file

Alternatively, you can edit the VTT file (Q&A: --answers.vtt if available) and add NOTE comments with the chapter headings before the subtitles that are part of that chapter. If you're using subed to edit subtitles within Emacs, you can split the subtitle as needed with M-. (subed-split-subtitle) so that the subtitle starts with the question. You don't have to worry about getting the timestamps exact, as we can re-align them with M-x subed-align. Here's what that NOTE comment can look like:

NOTE Why did you choose an internal state versus many 'state buffers'?

00:01:12.600 --> 00:01:16.039
Okay. So, the first question is why did you choose an internal state

These can then be extracted with emacsconf-subed-make-chapter-file-based-on-comments from emacsconf-subed.el and included in our publishing workflow.

Reserving a task

If you want to work on a task that might take you a while, you can reserve it by editing the page and setting the help template's volunteer attribute to your-name date, or by e-mailing

If you're not sure how to edit the wiki, you can e-mail your chapter notes to and we can add them for you.

The following pages do not yet have chapter markers (usually for long Q&A sessions):

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