As the stream volunteer, you'll be in charge of managing the livestream: playing the talk video at the right time, updating the stream overlays, joining the Q&A (live or IRC) when it finishes, arranging the windows so that the Etherpad can be seen, adjusting the volume, etc.


We will give you a list of talks with the times, speaker info, pad URL, and URL for the live Q&A session. Please keep the Q&A URLs secret.

You can use OBS on your system or you can use VNC to connect to the OBS setup on We will e-mail the connection details to you. Add an entry for to your ~/.ssh/config so that you don't have to specify the port. Use export TRACK=gen or export TRACK=dev in your shell to set the variable for your stream.

Copy the password file: scp emacsconf-$ vnc-passwd-$TRACK


Setting up the stream

  1. Start up the VNC server if it's not already running ssh emacsconf-$ -L 5905: -L 6005: -L 5906: -L 6006: "~/bin/track-vnc; sleep infinity"
  2. Connect via VNC viewer to the appropriate forwarded port from your laptop
    • Gen: xvncviewer -shared -geometry 1280x720 -passwd vnc-passwd-gen
    • Dev: xvncviewer -shared -geometry 1280x720 -passwd vnc-passwd-dev
  3. Switch to OBS and start recording (not streaming) when you're ready.

Playing the talk video

From with a todo state change hook

If things go well, an organizer should be able to start the video from the setup in Here are the steps in case you are in charge of it and have access:

Set up:

  1. ssh
  2. emacsclient -c -nw emacsconf-2022-private/ (or emacs emacsconf-2022-private/ if there's no server yet)
  3. M-x emacsconf-add-org-after-todo-state-change-hook unless you've already done so this session

Play talk:

  1. Use M-g t (emacsconf-go-to-talk) to find the talk, or use another way to navigate to the talk heading. (Org agenda?)
  2. Use C-c C-t (org-todo) to mark the talk as m (PLAYING - mpv).

This should make MPV appear. If it does not appear, you can manually play it with one of the backup plans below:

Backup plan: emacsconf-stream-play-video from

  1. Use M-x emacsconf-stream-set-talk-info to update the overlay. If this does not update the overlay, play the video and then manually copy the right overlays over ~/video.png and ~/other.png.

  2. Use M-x emacsconf-stream-play-video to play the video for the talk.

Backup plan: Use track-mpv

  1. ssh emacsconf-$
  2. cd /data/emacsconf/cache
  3. ~/bin/track-mpv file-to-play.webm

This should make the file play in the correct display.

Updating the overlay

If the overlay wasn't automatically updated by the todo state change hook in, you can set it from if you have access. Use M-x emacsconf-stream-set-talk-info. If that doesn't work, manually copy the right overlays over ~/video.png and ~/other.png. The overlays will be in /data/emacsconf/overlays.

Displaying an emergency announcement

echo Your emergency announcement here > ~/news.txt

Be sure to clear it with echo > ~/news.txt when done.

From on res, you can also use M-x emacsconf-stream-broadcast to announce something on both streams or M-x emacsconf-stream-set-news to set the news on one stream.