Windows into Freedom

Corwin Brust (He/Him) - Core-win Brew-st, IRC: corwin,

Format: 40-min talk followed by live web conference Q&A
Discuss on IRC: #emacsconf
Status: Waiting for video from speaker


  • A Brief History of the windows port

    When (and why?) was the windows port added? Was that contentious? How about now? (5m)

  • Acquire Binaries

    There are lots of ways for Windows users to get pre-compiled Emacs binaries. I'll mention some and get into the particulars of Emacs as found on GNU FTP. (2m)

  • Build Sources

    I'll talk about how building for Windows differs from building for other platforms, where to find documentation, important configuration options to consider, requirements for the build machine. After that I'll show build commands and good and not-so-good outputs, ultimately covering the complete process, both using the latest release tarball (from GNU FTP) as well as for building the main development branch from emacs.git (hosted on GNU Savannah). (20m)

  • Make an Installer

    I'll show how to use the NSIS script contained within admin/nt/dist-build in the Emacs source tree to create an executable self-installer of Emacs for Windows. (2m)

  • Share

    I'll describe the requirements of the GNU Public License as related to sharing binary versions of Emacs, and talk about what I do to comply, command by command. (1m)

  • Automate

    I'll introduce scripting I use to automate publishing binaries tracking a given Emacs branch, and a couple other related tools, thus recapping most topics. (10m)

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