LLM clients in Emacs, functionality and standardization

Andrew Hyatt (he/him) - ahyatt@gmail.com - https://urbanists.social/@ahyatt - http://github.com/ahyatt

Format: 20-min talk followed by live web conference Q&A
Discuss on IRC: #emacsconf
Status: Waiting for video from speaker


As an already powerful way to handle a variety of textual tasks, Emacs seems unique well poised to take advantage of Large Language Models (LLMs). We'll go over what LLMs are and are used for, followed by listing the significant LLM client packages already for Emacs. That functionality that these packages provide can be broken down into the basic features that are provided through these packages. However, each package currently is managing things in an uncoordinated way. Each might support different LLM providers, or perhaps local LLMs. Those LLMs support different functionality. Some packages directly connect to the LLM APIs, others use popular non-Emacs packages for doing so. The LLMs themselves are evolving rapidly. There is both a need to have some standardization so users don't have to configure their API keys or other setup independently for each package, but also a risk that any standardization will be premature. We show what has been done in the area of standardization so far, and what should happen in the future.

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