When you're ready to submit your proposal, send your submission via email to emacsconf-submit@gnu.org by Friday, September 15, 2023. All speakers will be notified by Saturday, September 30 (or earlier) regarding the status of their proposal. Accepted speakers will have until November 3 (Friday) to prepare their video.

If you put your talk title in your submission e-mail's subject line, it'll be easier to keep track of the conversation. Please use the following template for your submission email:

Talk title:

Talk description (<= 500 words):

Format (10 minutes, 20 minutes, description of other format) and outline:

Introduction for you and your talk (<= 100 words):

Speaker name (and optional pronunciation) and preferred pronouns:

Speaker availability (times that you're available Dec 2-3; please indicate timezone):

Preferred Q&A approach (live web conference, IRC, pad, wiki, e-mail questions after the event):

Public contact information (IRC nick, e-mail, website, and/or social media):

Private emergency contact information (phone number or messaging) in
case we need to reach you due to technical difficulties:

Please include this speaker release in order to indicate your agreement with it.

  By submitting this proposal, I agree that my presentation at
  EmacsConf 2023 is subject to the following terms and conditions:

  The EmacsConf organizers may capture audio and video (a "Recording")
  of my presentation and any associated materials, which may include
  slides, notes, transcripts, and prerecording(s) of my presentation
  that I provide to the EmacsConf organizers.

  I authorize the EmacsConf organizers to distribute, reproduce,
  publicly display, and prepare derivative works of the Recording and
  any derivative works of the Recording (the "Licensed Materials")
  under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0
  International (CC BY-SA 4.0) license.

  I grant to the EmacsConf organizers permission to use my name,
  likeness, and biographic information in association with their use
  of the Licensed Materials under the above license.

  I represent that I have the authority to grant the above license to
  the EmacsConf organizers.  If my presentation incorporates any
  material owned by third parties, I represent that the material is
  sublicensable to the EmacsConf organizers or that my use of them is
  fair use.

For other details, see the call for participation.

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We look forward to your ideas and submissions. Thank you!