Saturday opening remarks

00:00.000 General and Development tracks 00:32.840 Conversations 01:02.120 Etherpad 01:31.600 Internet Relay Chat 02:01.360 Accessibility and open captions 02:22.440, #emacsconf-org 02:34.520 Guidelines for conduct 02:42.960 Recordings 03:05.360 Let's have fun



[00:00:00.000] Welcome to EmacsConf 2022, where we get to find out just how crazy a text editor can get. There were so many interesting talks that we couldn't figure out how to fit them in two days, so this year we're experimenting with having two tracks. There's a General track and a Development track, but really, you'll probably find interesting things on both tracks no matter what your level of experience is, so don't feel limited to one or the other. If we all figure out this track thing together, that could mean being able to have even more Emacs talks next year, so let's give it a try!

[00:00:32.840] The best parts of EmacsConf are the conversations. The wiki has a page on how to watch and participate, and I'll give you a quick overview as well. You can watch both streams at using free and open source software. The schedule shows the General track on top and the Development track on the bottom, so you can see what else is going on. The track pages have quick shortcuts so that you can find out more about talks, open the Etherpads, and join the Q&A sessions. The watch page has more tips on how to make the most of Q&A.

[00:01:02.120] If you can, please add notes and ask questions in the Etherpad for the talk. That makes it easier for everyone to share their notes, and speakers and hosts can read the questions from there. We'll copy the notes to the talk pages afterwards. We have one pad for each talk this year, so you can follow the links to get to the next one or go back to the schedule and get the link from there. If you have general feedback about the conference itself, please put it in .

[00:01:31.600] Internet Relay Chat or IRC can be another great way to be part of lots of conversations. You can use to join the IRC channels through your web browser. The tabs on the left can help you switch between the different channels. There's #emacsconf-gen for the General track and #emacsconf-dev for the Development track. If you need to reach us, you can join #emacsconf-org or e-mail You can use #emacsconf for hallway conversations.

[00:02:01.360] Once again, we're going to be streaming with open captions for most of the talks this year, thanks to our speakers and captioning volunteers. The captioned talks are indicated on the schedule, and with any luck, we'll be posting transcripts on talk pages shortly after the talks start. If you need additional accommodations, please let us know in #emacsconf-org and we'll see if we can make things happen.

[00:02:22.440] If something goes down, we'll update If it doesn't look like we've noticed yet, please let us know in the #emacsconf-org IRC channel, where we will be quietly panicking.

[00:02:34.520] In all of these conversations, please keep in mind our guidelines for conduct. You can find them on the wiki, and they basically boil down to: please be nice. Thank you!

[00:02:42.960] We'll be posting the prerecorded videos as soon as possible. Assuming things go well, you might be able to check out quick replays on the Toobnix channel, which you can find on the watch page in the wiki. We'll post the live talks and Q&A sessions some time after the conference. If you'd like to get an update, you can subscribe to the emacsconf-discuss mailing list.

[00:03:05.360] All right, let's get going. Leo Vivier is going to be hosting the general track, and Amin Bandali will host the development track. The other volunteers and I will run around mostly backstage, and you'll probably meet us in the closing remarks. Let's have fun at EmacsConf 2022!

Captioner: sachac

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