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Welcome To The Dungeon

Erik Elmshauser and Corwin Brust

Download compressed .webm video (257.5M)
Download compressed .webm video (84.2M, highly compressed)

Dungeon is an oral and physical media fantasy and abstract role-play gaming tradition that seems to have grown from miniature and war-gaming communities in and around the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities in the 1950s and 60s.

Dungeon is inherently free (or nearly free, you do need paper and dice), both to play and to create your own games. Moreover, as a generality among practices, as Dungeon authors, we dislike impositions on our creative freedoms beyond those of our own imagination and tastes, especially those such as of a "brand" or "system", or e.g. copyright holder.

In December of 2019 some friends who grew up creating and playing in each others' Dungeons decided to try making an engine for these types of games using Emacs and Emacs Lisp, org-mode, and maybe some duct-tape if needed. In this 50 minute talk Corwin and Erik introduce dungeon-mode, and explain why we decided to do that. We'll sketch out the project in both lay and technical terms, provide a tactical update with respect to completing our initial concept, describe how things are going in human terms, and share some things we've learned so far from and about Emacs and the free software community working on this project, while leaving 10-15m for questions and discussion.

Additional Materials

org, svgtar.gz25kNotes for all talks
demowebm26mCharacter Sheet
demowebm19m"Sketch" Map and Tile editor
demowebm16mBattleboard, damage tracking
demowebm9mGame Maps, controlling fog-of-war
demogif724mAll demos, no overlays
demojson274KOBS scenes
elispwww Corwin's init files
  • Actual start and end time (EST): Start: 2020-11-29T13.34.52


Q5: Which software did you use for your presentation?

[Corwin] Everything you saw was OBS, Emacs or the desktop wallpaper engine from Steam.

Q4: Have you played around with generating SVGs programatically in Elisp? Sorry if I missed that! missed the intro

Yes, we started with hand coding the SVGs and later switched to doing it programatically.

Q3: could you talk about getting the project into savannah/gnu?

Not sure whether this is still canonical:

Q2: Could you explain more of what the game is. It would help us comprehend this better. +1 Could you link the handbook. Would be interested in giving a read, I love RPGs.

If you send me your thoughts on the most important bits to finish I will :)

Like RPG's but without the role-playing. Always 8 characters that can be divided between the players.

Q1: I'd like to see a demo as well! :) What does it look like, what can it do?


Sunday, Nov 29 2020, ~ 1:29 PM - 2:19 PM EST
Sunday, Nov 29 2020, ~10:29 AM - 11:19 AM PST
Sunday, Nov 29 2020, ~ 6:29 PM - 7:19 PM UTC
Sunday, Nov 29 2020, ~ 7:29 PM - 8:19 PM CET
Monday, Nov 30 2020, ~ 2:29 AM - 3:19 AM +08

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