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EmacsConf 2020 was on November 28 (Sat) and November 29 (Sun), 2020 from 9am-5pm Toronto/EST time; equivalently, 6am-2pm PST, 2pm-10pm UTC, 3pm-11pm Zurich/CET.

Many of the talks include accompanying material such as slides, questions, and notes. When present, these material are included or linked to on the talk page.

NOVEMBER 28 (Saturday)
7:04Day 1 opening remarksAmin Bandali, Sacha Chua, Leo Vivier
3:58Emacs News HighlightsSacha Chua
24:15An Emacs Developer Story: From User to Package MaintainerLeo Vivier
14:50Idea to Novel Superstructure: Emacs for WritingBala Ramadurai
8:26Music in Plain TextJonathan Gregory
29:50Bard Bivou(m)acs - Building a bandcamp-like page for an album of musicGrant Shangreaux
13:41Trivial Emacs KitsCorwin Brust (mplsCorwin)
22:05Beyond Vim and Emacs: A Scalable UI ParadigmSid Kasivajhula (countvajhula)
17:19Building reproducible EmacsAndrew Tropin (abcdw)
47:08On why most of the best features in eev look like 5-minute hacksEduardo Ochs (edrx)
14:09Orgmode - your life in plain textRainer König
8:18Lead your future with OrgAndrea
15:18the org-gtd package: opinions about Getting Things DoneAldric
16:38One Big-ass Org File or multiple tiny ones? Finally, the End of the debate!Leo Vivier
12:05Experience Report: Steps to "Emacs Hyper Notebooks"Joseph Corneli, Raymond Puzio, and Cameron Ray Smith
19:41README-Driven DesignAdam Ard
25:00Moving from Jekyll to OrgMode, an experience reportAdolfo Villafiorita
21:56Org-roam: Presentation, Demonstration, and What's on the HorizonLeo Vivier
21:15Org-mode and Org-Roam for Scholars and ResearchersNoorah Alhasan
21:26Org-roam: Technical PresentationLeo Vivier
8:13Sharing blogs (and more) with org-webringBrett Gilio
22:50OMG MacrosCorwin Brust (mplsCorwin)
15:47Day 1 closing remarksAmin Bandali, Sacha Chua, Leo Vivier, Corwin Brust
NOVEMBER 29 (Sunday)
11:47Day 2 opening remarksAmin Bandali, Sacha Chua, Leo Vivier
5:07Emacs development updateJohn Wiegley
29:06Powering-up Special BlocksMusa Al-hassy
43:54Incremental Parsing with emacs-tree-sitterTuấn-Anh Nguyễn
20:46Analyze code quality through Emacs: a smart forensics approach and the story of a hackAndrea
9:52Traverse complex JSON structures with live feedbackZen Monk Alain M. Lafon
53:38NonGNU ELPARichard Stallman
14:57Emacs as a Highschooler: How It Changed My LifePierce Wang
21:26State of Retro Gaming in EmacsVasilij "wasamasa" Schneidermann
1:09:00Welcome To The DungeonErik Elmshauser and Corwin Brust
(combined with previous)Pathing of Least ResistanceErik Elmshauser and Corwin Brust (mplsCorwin)
11:30A tour of vtermGabriele Bozzola (@sbozzolo)
16:50Lakota Language and EmacsGrant Shangreaux
23:57Object Oriented Code in the Gnus NewsreaderEric Abrahamsen
39:16Maxima a computer algebra system in EmacsFermin MF
22:22Extend Emacs to Modern GUI Applications with EAFMatthew Zeng
16:02WAVEing at Repetitive Repetitive Repetitive MusicZachary Kanfer
36:29Day 2 closing remarksAmin Bandali, Sacha Chua, Leo Vivier, Corwin Brust