This is the place to collect ideas for talks and other sessions for EmacsConf 2020. :-)

Be sure to check out the ideas from previous years as well: 2019, 2015.


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Organize panel discussions between Emacs users and contributors

  • How to improve Emacs UI?
  • How to make using Emacs easier for beginners?
  • How to make contributing to Emacs easier for everyone?

Ask Emacs users to send short videos testimonies

  • What's your most funny story with Emacs ?
  • What is your favorite package?
  • What's your "ahah" moment in your Emacs history?
  • How would you convince others to use Emacs?

Overview of gccemacs

What is the status of gccemacs, and what can package maintainers do to make their code native-compilation-friendly?