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This is the place to collect ideas for talks and other sessions for EmacsConf 2019 :)

Be sure to check out the ideas from previous years as well: 2015.


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Evolution of a … User

Emacs is so powerful, it can be hard to know where you start and how to grow as a user. It would be great to see sessions for things like Org, Magit, Spacemacs, development, etc. along the lines of what the evolution of use might look like, starting from simple things with quick payoffs. You don’t have to teach everything. You can just show quick examples and tell people what to search for so they can learn more. (Part of the challenge of Emacs discovery is imagining what’s possible and another part is figuring out what it’s called!)

- contributed by [[SachaChua?]], who would love to see people pick up the idea and run with it

Extending Emacs to do …

It could be interesting to see a bunch of sessions that walk through the process of extending Emacs. Things like how to define a new thing in Org, or how to parse the data so you can use it for other stuff; how to make something that shows popups or offers completion; how to build REPLs or other interfaces; the basics of async or dynamic modules…

- also contributed by [[SachaChua?]], who apparently has a long wishlist of sessions she would love to attend