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< | 4:45-5:45 | Emacs: The Editor for the Next Forty Years | Perry E. Metzger (pmetzger) | Y | | |


> | 4:45-5:45 | Emacs: The Editor for the Next Forty Years | Perry E. Metzger (pmetzger) | Y | | Prerec |

Talk status

Time Talk Speaker Tech Prerecorded Preference
9Opening remarks Amin Bandali (bandali)
Community update Sacha Chua (sachac)9:31
Emacs devel update John Wiegley (johnw)Y
9:30-10:15GNU Emacs for All Sachin Patil (psachin)will record
10:15-10:45How a Completely Blind Manager/Developer Uses Emacs Every Day Parham Doustdar (Parham)Y
10:45-11:15Managing your life with org-mode and other tools Marcin Swieczkowski (Marcin)Y
Lightning 11:15-12
Play and control your music with Emacs Damien Cassou (DamienCassou)9:41Prerec
How to record executable notes with eev - and how to play them back Eduardo Ochs (edrx)Y 19:23Zurich
notmuch new(s)David Bremner (bremner)done 8:02Prerec
Browsing from Emacs Aaron Jacobs (ajacobs)done 8:54Prerec
Ledger-mode Miguel Suárez and Quiliro Ordóñez (quiliro)done 6:54Prerec
Playing Emacs like an instrument Zen Monk Alain M. Lafon (munen)done 12:14Prerec
A.I. that Helps Play the Game of Your Life Andrew J. Dougherty (aindilis)done 7:14Prerec
Org-mode and FoilTeX Tom Faulkenberry done 8:06Prerec
Use Org mode when away from the desktop Zen Monk Alain M. Lafon (munen)done 10:08Done
12-12:45Magit deep dive Jonathan Chu (jonathanchu)Y
12:45-1:30Emacs as my Go To Script Language Howard Abrams (howard-abrams)Y
1:30-2:15Continuously checking for quality of your packages Damien Cassou (DamienCassou)Y
3:15-4Interactive Remote Debugging and Development with TRAMP Mode Matt Ray 35:24Prerec
Lightning 2:15-3:15
Object oriented spreadsheets with example applications David O’Toole (dto)Y 10:02Live
How Emacs became my awesome Java editing environment Torstein Krause Johansen (skybert)Y 9:08Live
Porting org-shiftup/down as a separate module MetroWind 12:10Live
Don’t wait! Write your own (yas)snippet Tony Aldon 8:11
Packaging emacs packages for Debian David Bremner (bremner)9:49
Restclient and org-mode for Api Documentation and Testing Mackenzie Bligh 6:23Prerec
Automate your workflow as a game developer Jānis Mancēvičs 8:55Prerec
Equake mode Ben Slade 7:43Prerec
Navigel to facilitate the creation of tabulated-list based UIs Damien Cassou (DamienCassou)9:25Prerec
VSCode is Better than Emacs Zaiste 9:31Prerec
4-4:30GNU Emacs as software freedom in practice Greg Farough (pref: they)
4:45-5:45Emacs: The Editor for the Next Forty Years Perry E. Metzger (pmetzger)Y Prerec
4:30-4:45Closing remarks Amin Bandali (bandali)

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