Tips for Speakers

This page is a collection of useful tips and suggestions for speakers. Please feel free to edit the page and add your own!


Here is a list of software you can use to prepare your screencast.

IRC (with ERC)

For a bare bones ERC setup for participating in EmacsConf as a speaker, add the following to your init file. Then, either mark the whole region and do M-x eval-region RET, or alternatively restart your Emacs. Finally, do M-x erc-tls RET to start ERC.

(require 'erc)
(setq erc-server ""
      erc-port 6697
      erc-nick "your-nick"
     '(("" "#emacsconf" "#emacsconf-org" "#emacsconf-questions")))

References to learn more about ERC:

Recording video

Recording audio

Displaying keystrokes and mouse clicks

Video editing

Personal tips

Damien Cassou

To ease my work, I wrote screencasting.el to start 3 processes simultaneously: showkeys, ffmpeg for audio and ffmpeg for video.