This page contains notes for our speakers on preparing their talks and presentations. Please read through the list and consider it while preparing your talk. If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions please write to or email me directly at

Note: being part of a wiki, this page is subject to change (including by you!); please check back every now and again for any changes and updates.

Code of conduct

First and foremost, we ask that you review our code of conduct when preparing your talk to make sure we're all on the same page and strive to make the event a great experience for all. We would be happy to chat with you if you're unsure about whether your talk or presentation style meets the guidelines laid out in the code of conduct. You can email Sacha Chua at to chat more about this.

Prerecording of lightning talks

If you're giving a lighting talk, we ask that you please prepare a prerecorded version and send it to us by October 19 the latest, two weeks before the conference.

See the tips page for more on how to record a screencast.

Per GNU Project's Guide to Formats, we prefer to receive prerecorded videos in formats unencumbered by software patents, such as:

  • video/ogg: video files encoded with the Theora video codec, encapsulated in an Ogg transport layer, with .ogg or .ogv file extension.
  • video/webm: WebM-encoded video files, with .webm file extension.

However, if for one reason or another you're unable to send us your prerecorded video in one of the above formats, you may submit them in other formats, like MPEG-4 (.mp4), and we will try to convert them to our preferred formats on your behalf.

Send your prerecording(s) to Please make sure to name a free license of your choosing for your video to be released under, as explained in the next section.

Note: If your email happens to exceed the message size limit of the mail server, please send me another email to arrange for an alternative submission method.

License for talks and presentations

We believe in free culture and that creative works everywhere should be free. See the following to learn more about free culture and free works:

As such, we would like to release video recordings from the conference under a free license, such as CC BY-SA 4.0. If you're giving a lightning talk, please name a free license of your choosing to release the video under when sending us (pre)recordings of your talk(s). If you're not giving a lightning talk and/or not sending us prerecorded video(s), we still need you to let us know which license to release the recording of your live presentation under.

If you have any questions about licenses and choosing a license for your talk, don't hesitate to write to

Office hours for video call tech-checks

We are planning on using Jitsi Meet for the video calls with speakers delivering their presentations. Jitsi Meet is an in-browser web application, so you wouldn't need to install anything else besides a web browser.

We would like to hold 'office hours' for speakers who want to try out using Jitsi Meet with us before the conference. The office hours will likely be on Saturdays or Sundays, but we'd be happy to try and work out another time if that doesn’t work for a speaker.

To schedule a short tech-check, email one of the people on this list:

If you'd like to help out with the tech-checks, feel free to add your name and email to the above list, and email me so we can coordinate.

Official Zürich satellite/sister event

The awesome folks at 200ok have talked to us and put together a satellite/sister event for EmacsConf 2019 at their Zürich office on the day of the conference! As the official EmacsConf2019 Zürich satellite, they will be following and watching the livestream remotely, and can feature a selection of additional live talks parallel to the main track as well. See the announcement on emacsconf-discuss or on the 200ok blog.

If you'd like to present your talk at the Zürich track, please email and as soon as possible so we can arrange the schedules.

Since space in the Zürich location is limited, if you'd like to attend in person please make sure to RSVP either by emailing or using the meetup link on the 200ok announcement blog post. When sending your RSVP, please also include a copy of your submitted proposal.