Monday 25 September 2023 at 0:00 (UTC)

The EmacsConf 2023 call for participation period has wrapped up, hooray! We’ve accepted 44 talks and posted them at, with 1 more penciled in (woof - Watch Over Our Folders). This is about ~12 hours of talks. If we were to have 5 minutes buffer in between talks, it would be 15 hours and a pretty cramped conference. I think we can pull off a two-track conference again this year. Shall we give it a try? =) We can set up a schedule for the different roles as we get closer to the conference.

I started drafting a schedule at . Thoughts on the order/grouping of talks? If the schedule looks all right, I can send this draft to all the speakers in case they have any requests regarding time preferences, other talk Q&A sessions that they want to attend live, etc.

Next steps:

  • Schedule: We’ll e-mail the draft schedule to speakers so that they can get a sense of where they are in the schedule, see if they really want to make it to a conflicting session’s Q&A live (they’ll have early access to the videos), etc.
  • Infrastructure:
    • Dust off and document infrastructure, processes
    • Sort out access to so that we can get the upload service up and running
  • Draft brief intros for talks, keeping in mind that we’re going to say them out loud
  • Speakers will work on videos, and we can help with nudges/coordination if needed