Monday 14 August 2023 at 0:00 (UTC)

The end of the EmacsConf 2023 call for participation is one month away (Sept 14; Whee! So far, we’ve sent early acceptances to the following talks and added them to the program on the wiki (

Duration Title Speaker
10 An Org-Mode based text adventure game for learning the basics of Emacs, inside Emacs, written in Emacs Lisp Chung-hong Chan
20 Authoring and presenting university courses with Emacs and a full libre software stack James Howell
20 Org-Mode workflow: informal reference tracking Christopher Howard
20 GNU Emacs for electronics, note-taking, and as lightweight IDE Anand Tamariya
10 A modern Emacs look-and-feel without pain Pedro A. Aranda
10 Writing a language server in OCaml for Emacs, fun, and profit Austin Theriault
20 LLM clients in Emacs, functionality and standardization Andrew Hyatt
10 The many ways to browse Hacker News from Emacs Mickael Kerjean

There’s one talk that’s waiting for feedback on the emacsconf-submit before we send the early acceptance in about a week:

Duration Title Speaker
20 one.el: the static site generator for Emacs Lisp Programmers Tony Aldon

There are several talk proposals that are in progress (need to coordinate, don’t have speaker releases / full details / etc.):

Title Speaker
Emacs MultiMedia System (EMMS) Yoni Rabkin
Emacs development updates John Wiegley
Watch Over Our Folders Bastien Guerry
Emacs community information sharing? Jake B
Emacs saves the Web Yuchen Pei
How to build an Emacs 2: Revenge of the Lem Fermin

This time last year, we had 2 proposals, with most of the proposals coming in at the end of the CFP. This was usually when we started panicking about not having lots of proposals, but I think we can skip stressing about it this year. Even with the program as it is now, we’d already have a pretty fun EmacsConf. Can’t wait to see what it’ll look like when more people get their proposals in!