Sunday 16 October 2022 at 0:00 (UTC)

Hi everyone!

Here's what's been happening backstage.

  • Speakers have been submitting their videos, hooray! I added a schedule to the backstage page at so that people can see how the schedule's coming along. We expect more talks to come in the next two weeks. Not panicking yet. =)

  • Thanks to all the people who've been working on captions so far! Bhavin, Andrea, and Ramin did the captions for their talks, and Jai captioned Bala's talk. Tom, Bhavin, and Hannah are currently working on captions. There are three more talks backstage if anyone wants to work on them.

  • I just posted some notes on how I reflow and edit subtitles in case they're helpful: It's also linked from the backstage page under More info: editing captions.

  • We added the Emacs development updates talk from John Wiegley and updated the times of other talks based on messages from the speakers.

  • We did a dry run of the OBS streaming setup with Leo, Amin, and Corwin. I think we're on track to being able to broadcast two streams this year.

  • IRC announcements, BBB redirection, and media file publishing can now all automatically happen when the talk status changes, simplifying our work during the conference. Video playback and Q&A browser windows can happen automatically if streaming from I want to get the publishing workflow all smoothed out too, so that talks and transcripts can be more easily published to the wiki pages during the conference.

Plans for this week:

  • More videos and captions!
  • I plan to work on talk page publishing so that it happens smoothly during the conference
  • Leo's going to review the videos submitted so far and prepare intros for them
  • Might be a good idea to reach out to speakers for tech checks and bios

EmacsConf is a little less than four weeks away. Stuff is happening!