Sunday 16 October 2022 at 0:00 (UTC)

Hello, folks! Here's the weekly update on what's happening backstage for EmacsConf 2022 in case you notice something that you want to help out with. =)

  • All the speakers have confirmed that they've gotten the acceptance e-mails. Many speakers have confirmed that the schedule works for them after I reshuffled a few talks for better availability. I've posted the schedule at . We'll announce the schedule on the emacsconf-discuss mailing, Reddit, and various places this week.

  • zaeph has been working on the ffmpeg incantations for preprocessing the videos that will be submitted soon. bandali is working on getting the FTP and web-based uploads sorted out so that speakers can submit their videos.

  • I created some watch pages to support viewing different tracks: . The livestreams won't work yet and it would be nice to figure out something that can dynamically display info for recent/current/upcoming talks, but it's a start.

  • We set up a self-hosted Etherpad (ex: with an easy way to redirect to using Wikimedia in case we run into scaling issues. I've added it to our Ansible playbook ( and I'm looking forward to incorporating Ry P.'s improvements. Karl Voit gave feedback on the first draft of the template.

  • vetrivln volunteered for some of the dev hosting shifts, Karl Voit volunteered for some of the gen pad shifts, and FlowyCoder volunteered for some of the gen check-in shifts. Thanks!

Next week, we hope to:

  • Announce the EmacsConf 2022 schedule in the usual places (got any wording/JS/CSS suggestions?)
  • Finalize the upload instructions so that speakers can start submitting their files
  • Put together volunteer training materials
  • Set up per-speaker BBB rooms and friendly URLs